A Poem


He’s acting prepubescent, again, for all the country to see

From here and from now on, donnie his name should be

Not with a “y”, for sure an ie

You could even dot the “i” with a heart

 That’s our donnie

President, ha! What a joke

Mr. Mr. at this point would just be blowing smoke

A sham, a false promise for his base

Drilling into their fear and hate

Yes, a rating gets him off

That’s our donnie, the intellectual dwarf

Understanding foreign affairs is for the rest

Alternative facts he knows best

Shooting someone on Fifth Avenue for an evangelical laugh

Never losing a vote with the crowd, they think he’s a gas!

Disabled folks he outranks, in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back

Small, handily making fun of them,

Mr. and President are titles he should lack

donnie on the podium increasing excitement

Implying quid pro quo to foreigners for emails

Any other with a Title, a treasonous indictment

Let’s not forget the wall, the one we all know

The greatest wall donnie says to be paid for by Mexico

What a laugh our donnie is, at least for our comedians

But in reality, I really really look forward to when his reign ends.

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